More Trouble Signs from Beth Moore


I know I will draw ire for pointing this out, but here it goes anyway… It seems as though Beth Moore has recently been promoting the book, “Jesus Calling” on one of her websites.  To me, this is yet one more reason I strongly recommend avoiding all Beth Moore material.  Reading the description of the book, it quite plainly tells us the author received messages and teachings directly from God, wrote them down, and then published them.  This claim, if it were true, would  mean that “Jesus Calling” is on equal footing with the Bible.  This is a dangerous and heretical claim!  The fact that the author’s claim doesn’t seem to bother Beth one bit makes me (once again) seriously question her discernment and doctrine.  So again I find myself in the awkward position of recommending you the blog reader to avoid the material of America’s evangelical sweetheart, Beth Moore. …

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